Key Takeaways From ESG Technical Validation: Supercharge the SOC With Devo

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TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently evaluated the Devo Security Data Platform and took a look at how effective Devo is at empowering security teams to overcome today’s biggest challenges. ESG validated how Devo uses efficient data ingestion, along with AI, to provide visibility into organizations’ risk posture and arm security teams with the tools they need to prevent and respond to breaches. Here are some of the key takeaways from ESG Technical Validation: Supercharge the SOC With Devo.

✔️ Data Ingestion at Speed and Scale

The Devo Security Data Platform is powered by HyperStream technology, which allows organizations to efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data. By focusing on data ingestion and processing, ESG validated that Devo has built a platform that excels in optimizing the storage and usability of raw data. This translates into significant time savings for security operations teams, as demonstrated in ESG’s testing.

During the testing, a script was executed to measure the processing speed of the Devo Security Data Platform. The results were impressive, with Devo processing the request in less than a second. This speed is consistent regardless of the amount of data being processed, making our platform a fast and scalable solution for data processing.

✔️ AI-Driven Investigation With DeepTrace

DeepTrace, a feature of our platform, offers autonomous investigation and threat hunting capabilities. By leveraging AI, DeepTrace simplifies the process of analyzing and identifying potential threats within the data. ESG’s testing validated the effectiveness of DeepTrace in detecting and analyzing simulated attacks.

By automatically querying and gathering evidence related to a case, DeepTrace significantly reduces the time and effort required for investigations. This allows security analysts to focus on important details and quickly determine if a series of events constitutes an attack. With DeepTrace, organizations can improve their incident response capabilities and mitigate potential threats more efficiently.

✔️ Automating Incident Response With Devo SOAR

Devo SOAR offers a playbook creation workflow that enables organizations to automate incident response. This feature allows for the quick detection and response to potential breaches, minimizing the impact on critical systems. ESG’s validation highlighted the effectiveness of Devo SOAR in responding to simulated attacks.

By leveraging data from Devo, the playbook feature filters alerts and triggers automated responses, such as quarantining compromised devices or creating cases for analysts. This automation significantly reduces response times and empowers analysts to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Additionally, Devo’s AI-assisted playbook creation assistant simplifies the process of creating effective responses to various common threats.

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ESG Technical Validation: Supercharge the SOC With Devo underscores the platform’s strengths in data ingestion, AI-driven investigation, and incident response automation. Devo’s focus on fast and scalable data ingestion and processing enables security operations teams to be more efficient in threat hunting and incident management. DeepTrace’s autonomous investigation capabilities also provide analysts with a simplified and streamlined approach to identifying potential threats, while Devo SOAR automates incident response, reducing response times and improving overall security posture.

To learn more about how Devo can enhance your ability to detect, analyze, and respond to threats, download the whole report.

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