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Devo is a cloud-based multi-tenant enterprise log management solution designed to handle the most challenging data analytics requirements. Devo collects machine data generated by traditional machine data sources as well as business applications all in real-time to facilitate sophisticated analytics using a single pane of glass. Devo enables organizations to gain insights into their applications, infrastructure, and business systems using built-in applications, real-time dashboards, and alerts. It also provides data analysts and scientists the tools they need to extract valuable and actionable intelligence from petabytes of data.
Devo is a cloud-first solution. Devo is deployed primarily in two ways, the Devo SaaS cloud or the customer’s cloud (Devo supports all the major public cloud vendors). It all depends on an organization's resources and policies. The SaaS solution offers an excellent value in terms of high-scalability, low operating costs, and limited data management requirements. However, this doesn't work for all companies. Security and privacy policies may dictate that all or part of data storage reside within a company’s own cloud account.
This will vary on a case to case basis dependent on your business needs. However we can get you set up in as quickly as a few days.
We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

From the outset, Devo was designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive while also enabling complex and sophisticated tools for data analysis.

It takes just a few sessions for most users to master the basics of navigating the web application, selecting data tables, and building queries. That said, Devo offers training courses that prepare users with what they need to know to get results with Devo right away. Learn more about Devo training services.

Devo can collect and derive analytics from any cloud provider’s operational event data.

Devo can be deployed in both public and private clouds, or in public cloud resources dedicated to a single organization (semi-public).

The Devo SaaS offering is available in multiple AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform regions.

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