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Stopping Burnout: Empowering Cyber Leaders and Professionals with Resilience and Recovery Strategies

To observe mental health awareness month, Devo teamed up with Cybermindz and CyberSN to host a panel discussion about the mental health challenges facing cybersecurity professionals and solutions for overcoming stress, anxiety, and burnout. 

In this panel discussion, Devo CISO Kayla Williams is joined by Cybermindz founder Peter Coroneos and CyberSN founder and CEO Deidre Diamond, and together they’ll discuss: 

  • The state of the mental health and burnout crisis across the cybersecurity industry and how that’s being influenced by the jobs economy; 
  • The neuroscience behind stress, anxiety, and burnout, and cybersecurity-specific neurological drivers; 
  • Their personal experiences with burnout and their recommendations for how security leaders can monitor and address this problem using neuroscience, proper staffing, and technology; 
  • And more!


Peter Coroneos

Peter Coroneos


Deidre Diamond

Deidre Diamond


Kayla Williams Headshot

Kayla Williams


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