Supercharge Your SOC with the Cloud-Native Security Platform

When it comes to empowering your security team with visibility, performance, behavioral analytics, and AI, the Devo Platform is the only choice.

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A smarter SIEM for a better SOC

Leverage limitless data to outsmart attackers

Limitless Data

Leverage limitless data to outsmart attackers

Leaving data on the floor because you don’t have the scale or budget to host it leaves you vulnerable to today’s multifaceted threats. Devo Analytics Cloud is a powerful logging and analytics solution backed by AI. Ingest any data and keep it hot and ready for over a year.

Team Agile

Keep your team agile with AI

Let’s be honest; no analyst wants to spend all day manually triaging alerts. Devo’s AI does. Devo’s AI-driven analytics and response automation streamlines repetitive tasks and frees analysts to focus on what matters most: monitoring, detecting, and investigating cyber threats. Give your team an unparalleled edge in combating today’s attacks.

Supercharge your Analysts

Supercharge your analysts

Accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response with ease and get the upper hand against threat actors. Devo’s intuitive UI, attack-tracing AI, and at-a-glance visualizations inspire informed decisions and prompt targeted actions. Unburden your SOC team and keep them engaged while increasing accuracy, collaboration, readiness, and productivity.

A complete cybersecurity platform

Arm your team with SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and AI, in one cloud-native platform.

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Experience a cloud-native cybersecurity solution powered by people and AI

It’s time for a SOC revolution

From day one, we treat you like a valued partner, which is what you deserve.

Outstanding time to value 

With over a thousand successful enterprise deployments, Devo and our partners have established a proven white-glove migration process. Getting you up and running swiftly and seamlessly isn’t just our goal–it’s our obsession.

Predictable pricing you can count on

Take control of your security spending with Devo’s predictable pricing based on ingest. One platform, one license metric, zero surprises–now that’s math you don’t need a doctorate to decipher.

Empower your team

Take your SOC from reactive to proactive and thwart emerging threats. Devo provides a singular view of risk posture, security operations, and the threat landscape. Improve your SOC team’s collaboration while speeding up alerting and reporting.

Ubiquitous ingestion and SOC integration

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Ingest data from any source to achieve full visibility

  • Ingest and parse all data
  • Zero data transformations
  • Any data source, any format
  • Self-service data connectors

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