Devo Data Analytics Platform

Achieve full visibility with centralized cloud-scale log management

Say goodbye to constraints and compromises

Say hello to the new generation of log management and analytics that powers operations teams.

For machine data to improve visibility, transform the SOC, and achieve enterprise-wide business initiatives, you need to keep pace with the relentless real-time demands of exploding data volumes, while not breaking the bank.

Massive scale, no ninjas required

Forget about re-architecting

Devo grows with your business, exceeding even the highest demands without requiring you to manage clusters and indexes or be confined by unreasonable limits. Onboard giant new datasets in a snap. Roll out access to hundreds of new users painlessly. Always meet your teams’ demands year after year, petabyte upon petabyte.

Agile cloud-native SaaS

Lift-and-shift cloud architectures just don’t cut it. They’re afflicted with the same performance issues and management challenges as their on-premises equivalents—typically with a higher price tag. Devo is cloud-native and brings agility back to your team, letting them do more with their data without the monthly sticker shock and time wasted tuning and managing solutions.

True multitenancy

Delivering logging as a service for service providers or large organizations is easier said than done. But not for Devo. Built from the ground-up with a multitenant architecture, Devo supports thousands of sandboxed tenants with centralized control and visibility in a single instance.

More data, analytics, and use cases solved

Unlimited views of your data

Devo eliminates the single-source indexes, rigid parsing, and single-threaded searches typical of other data analytics providers. We take you to the next level of visibility and analytics built from all your available data. You deserve limitless, real-time answers—with context—whether in the Devo UI or your applications via our REST API. No more narrow, isolated, low-value views.

Arm your operators with ML

Machine learning is supposed to make you more agile and responsive. Not your experience? You’re not alone. Devo Time Series Anomaly Detection accurately monitors thousands of metrics. Need more? The Devo ML Workbench puts your custom models to work against massive amounts of streaming and historical data. Agility and intelligence? Check.

Say yes to your users and use cases

Devo makes ‘waiting for data’ messages a thing of the past, even as data volumes and access needs proliferate. With always-on real-time access and a distributed query engine that answers thousands of queries simultaneously. Build that dashboard! Onboard that new team! All without fear of slowing down everyone else.

Efficiency is the name of the game

Your data, always on

More data typically means storage tiers, sprawling infrastructure, and not collecting or retaining that data the way you wish. Not with Devo. Our net average data reduction is 10:1, allowing all data to be kept hot for years—very affordably. Search PBs of data in a flash without the need for inefficient S3 cache tiers or cumbersome data models.

Multiply the value of your data

Tired of storing multiple copies of data to meet your use case needs? With Devo, you can build an unlimited number of virtual views from a single data set, enabling your operations teams to answer new questions, and tackle previously cost-prohibitive use cases.

Faster answers with a no-code approach

Devo enables users of all skill levels to quickly pivot across data like a pro. How? Our no-code approach to building queries doesn’t require a degree in SPL. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with our interactive Activeboards you’ll be able to use real-time insights from PBs of data to make better—and faster—business decisions.