Devo vs. Sentinel

It’s easy to get data from Microsoft into Sentinel, but it isn’t easy to do anything else. Before you put all your eggs in the Microsoft security basket, we’re here to say: there’s a better way.

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Why security teams choose Devo vs. Sentinel


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Why security teams choose Devo Technology

Devo is an integral part of our cybersecurity defense that enables us to detect and respond to threats faster than ever. With Devo Behavior Analytics, we can identify anomalous activity that may have otherwise gone undetected to uncover public-facing login portals that should be private.

Jeff Schmidt / Senior Engineer, Ulta

By migrating to Devo, we extracted value within the first two weeks because we were able to ingest our cloud solutions. At the 60 to 90 day point, we 100% realized our investment, and we were completely satisfied. We have absolutely seen an ROI with Devo. We’ve been able to hire one more analyst with the money we saved on our licensing

John Busch / Security Engineer, Kforce

Quality customer experience is absolutely fundamental to our success. Devo’s capacity for real-time and historical data collection and analysis has been central to our ability to keep our customers happy and compete in a very competitive market.

Clara Casas / Service Quality Manager, Telefonica

We have drastically improved our threat detection and real-time monitoring by working with Devo. We have reduced staff time that was being used to manually build each use case. Now our team can focus on other tasks, such as alert triage and investigation. This is huge for us given the increased cyber attacks that we are seeing in the industry.

Attaphon Phakek / CSO, Bitkub

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