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Devo Exchange

The community-based content marketplace that extends security team capabilities

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Content relevant to your security ecosystem

Devo Exchange is a vibrant community-based marketplace full of valuable content that customers can browse, install and manage with push-button simplicity. Devo Exchange gives your security team on-demand access to a catalog of Devo-curated content created by our experts, partners, and the global security community.

Reduce the time your security team spends creating custom content and accelerate the deployment of impactful use cases by giving them access to vetted Devo and community content relevant to your security ecosystem, including:

  • Expert-created security analytics, including alerts to detect important threat signals 
  • Interactive use case-based applications to access deeper insights
  • Insightful visualizations powered by Devo Activeboards to interact with and explore your data
  • Enrichments through Lookups that provide real-time context to data, enabling better understanding of threats and accelerating investigations

Extend the capabilities of your security team with on-demand content

Leverage the community to work faster — and smarter

Maximize your investment in the Devo Platform with out-of-the-box content that’s relevant to your security ecosystem.

Security teams are spread thin and need help reducing their engineering workload. They need to visualize and make sense of their data, detect threats fast, and implement new use cases.​ Devo Exchange makes all of that possible.

“Devo continues to deliver technology and tools with a practitioner mindset. Exchange will give us access to invaluable out-of-the-box content that we can leverage to optimize our incident response capabilities and minimize the noise and complexity facing the SOC.”

Aaron Baillio

CISO, University of Oklahoma

The business benefits of Devo Exchange

Devo Exchange brings your data to life with must-have applications, alerts, Lookups and Activeboards, providing a single Devo deployment that maximizes the value of your third-party IT and security tools.

Security teams can deploy new use cases faster than ever with must-have applications, Activeboards, Lookups and alerts — all organized into convenient Content Packs. Each Content Pack aligns with a specific use case. You install the Packs that best fit your objectives and environment.


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