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Complete visibility

Complete visibility

Data is the foundational element of the SOC. As a cloud-agnostic platform, Devo manages data of any variety, from any device or application, providing real-time data access whether it was ingested today or 400 days ago.

Our data-first approach provides customers with unmatched visibility across their environment, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Analysts can access analytics relevant to all their data and query results quickly, saving precious time and reducing frustration during an investigation.

Unmatched TCO

Spiraling SIEM costs are forcing teams to live with limited visibility into the expanding attack surface. Devo requires no infrastructure management overhead and offers all-inclusive licensing based on the most predictable metric: data ingestion.

Legacy SIEM vendors often have multiple licensing models for different functionality and rarely bundle capabilities in a cost effective way, while SIEMs from cloud providers may limit what environments you can ingest data from. Devo is a cloud-agnostic platform with a compelling TCO.

Supercharge your Analysts

Augment analysts

Devo goes beyond legacy SIEM to augment analysts with advanced analytics, automation, and AI-powered threat identification and investigation. With thousands of pieces of out-of-the-box content, an intuitive user interface, and at-a-glance visualizations, SOC teams can make informed decisions, experience less burnout, and enhance productivity right from the start.

Users of our SaaS platform aren’t burdened with the maintenance and management efforts that legacy solutions require. This enables security teams to use their scarce resources more effectively. 

Transformative AI

Devo manages data at any scale and delivers real-time results and analytics. This improves the analyst experience and delivers differentiated AI and ML.

AI-based workloads are incredibly data intensive and require the original raw data for maximum impact. The Devo Platform easily trains and runs ML models against 100s of terabytes of streaming data and petabytes of historical raw data. This ensures that our AI-powered capabilities are market-leading in improving MTTR and speeding up investigations.

Our customers achieve significant results with Devo

Speed up query times by


Leading Apparel Retailer

Reduced MTTR by


Automotive Retailer

Reduced time spent on manual workflows by


University of Oklahoma


Migrated to the Devo Platform in under

2 Weeks

Bitkub Exchange

Reduced investigation and triage time by

20,000 hours

United States Air Force

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Devo takes a customer-first approach: From pre-sales to renewal, we’re always on your team. Whether it’s gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes, we have the process and expertise to migrate any organization to Devo.


Think there’s no way to simplify SIEM migration? Think again. Our experts make migration, onboarding, setup, and deployment a seamless experience. Devo employs a proven process custom-fit to your environment.

Training and certification

The Devo Learning Hub is our self-paced learning portal. Support your team and accelerate time to value with courses, content, and hands-on labs within a sandbox environment.

Community engagement

Empower your team with access to Devo Connect, our thriving online community. Ask questions, share best practices, implement new use cases, accelerate troubleshooting, and better protect your organization.

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