Why Choose Devo?

Drive real-time value from all your data, streaming and historical

Fast, predictable performance you can trust

Index-free ingestion, massive parallelization throughout the platform, always-hot data delivers 50x more speed with 80% less resources. Query response time measured in milliseconds yield insights faster at scale.

Insights, No Code Required

Simplify the process of finding trends, outliers and business insights from your data with Devo. Visually explore and interact with data without writing a single line of code or using specialized query languages.

Enterprise Scale, Minus the Sprawl

A single 32-core node can simultaneously ingest over 1.2 TB of data per day at rates up to 1 million events per second while providing access to 16 million events per second in queries. Run up to 4,000 concurrent queries on a single node. These numbers all scale linearly as more nodes are added.

Start Using All Your Data

The speed, simplicity, and scale you need to unlock and act on the insights buried in your operational data

Fast Access to All Your Data

All data is hot, all the time. From forensic analysis for security to instantly identifying customer behavior on your website - and more - you need fast access to all your data, all the time. With Devo you get high speed, uniform access to data, regardless of its age or source.

Instant Insight

Unify streaming data with historical data in real time for instant insight. Data is available for query as soon as it is written to disk. Latency from ingest to query is measured in milliseconds.

Visually Driven Data Interaction

Users of all levels of expertise can visually explore and interact with data - no technical training, specialized query languages or deep platform expertise required.

Adapt to Changes in Data Easily

Data is always ingested and stored in its original, unaltered format. When data formats change, just update the data classifier used by the query engine, and it is instantly available for analysis. No reprocessing is ever needed.

“Devo offers the unique ability to rapidly collect and analyze data from every part of the business, providing Telefónica the ability to harness the power of data for competitive advantage and business success.”
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Clara Casas, E2E Service Quality and Operative Improvement Manager
“Devo has given us a leading-edge anti-fraud service which directly benefits thousands of clients around the world.”
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Miguel Ángel Rojo, CEO
“For us, big data is all about getting to understand what questions to ask. This is what Devo gives us. Their real-time analytics give us the insights we need to take decisive and even pre-emptive action.”
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Larry Sawyer
niu Solutions
“We were looking for operational and process insights from increasing volumes of data. The Library needed to automate getting those insights. Devo fit a need we had with a way cooler solution. Now we have time to invent software and make progress towards our core mission.”
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Clark Hartsock
Director of IT and Operations
“If you are looking for a solution to manage big data, real-time, multi-tenant, cloud-native, you need to look at Devo"
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Juan Santamaria
CEO Panda Security
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