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Traditional SIEM vendors have locked their users into a closed ecosystem while raising prices, and recent vendor consolidation is forcing unplanned SIEM migrations. Don’t let your security vendor force you into making a business decision. Learn how a security data platform can give you the insights and visibility you need – today and tomorrow.

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SIEM Comparison

The advantages of a security data platform

Devo vs Traditional SIEMs

Vs. Traditional SIEMs

Traditional SIEMs were initially offered as on-premise solutions, which adopted a “lift and shift” migration to the cloud. Though this approach intends to compete with cloud-native providers, it produces a limited implementation that fails to fully capitalize on the processing and cost benefits of cloud infrastructure.

These SIEMs also index data on ingest before querying or alerting, resulting in sub-par performance and slower MTTR. As a result, they cannot operate in real time, limiting analysis accuracy, data scalability, and search performance.

Devo vs Cloud-provider SIEMs

Vs. Cloud-provider SIEMs

While cloud-provider SIEMs simplify data ingestion, they have limited access to non-native data sources, making it challenging for organizations with diverse datasets to gain complete visibility.

Furthermore, cloud-provider SIEMs leverage general-purpose analytics capabilities, which are neither real-time – as data lakes do more batch-oriented analysis – nor optimized for security use cases.

Devo vs All-in-one Platform SIEMs

Vs. All-in-one Platforms

Security platform vendors offer SIEMs that they claim are tightly integrated with the rest of their security offerings. While this may simplify your technology stack, they are limited by fixed data schemas, which impact indexing and search capabilities. 

Like cloud-provider SIEMs, they are optimized to work with data sources from their own ecosystem but don’t play well with others. These vendors also often rely on open-source analytics tools that are not tailored for security detection. These newer SIEM products haven’t been battle-tested and deployed at scale.

Devo vs Niche SIEMs

Vs. Niche SIEMs

SIEMs that were optimized for a single use case excel in their area of expertise. That said, these SIEMs are purpose-built for specific use cases, such as UEBA, and as a result, they lack the scalability and performance required for diverse security needs.

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