Evolve Your SOC with an Intelligent SIEM

Transform your security operations by harnessing the combined power of SOAR, UEBA, and AI.

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Augment your team to defend your enterprise

Cloud SIEM for any environment


Cloud SIEM for any environment

Gain a singular view of your risk posture, security operations, and threat detection. Leverage MITRE ATT&CK framework context, SciSec-engineered security content, and automated enrichments and correlations across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises security environments.


SOAR unlike ever before

Use AI-powered playbooks and decision automation to proactively safeguard your organization against threats. Benefit from automated triage, no-code SOAR playbooks, intuitive investigations, and case management. Experience a lightning-speed time to value–most customers see a return on investment within 30 days.


UEBA turns actions into insights

Efficiently identify threats and anomalies in cloud, network, and user behavior-driven events via analyst-centered workflows. Leverage ML behavioral models, risk-based alerting, and analytics. Out-of-the-box self-service customization options allow your team to tailor their security experience.


DeepTrace stops intruders in their tracks

By combining cutting-edge analytics and AI, you can supercharge your threat analysis and identification. Analysts are empowered to autonomously perform investigations at machine speed, enabling them to respond quickly to emerging threats.

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The Security Data Platform

Unleash the power of your SOC with integrated SIEM, SOAR and UEBA.


AI that turns data into actionable intelligence

decision automation
Autonomous Threat Detection
Unmatched Analytics
Collective Defense Screen

Smart decision automation

Intelligent SIEM continuously learns and improves its threat-handling accuracy, and scales effortlessly, to stay ahead of the growing SOC workload.

Autonomously investigate suspicious activity using attack-tracing AI.

Devo’s security-targeted AI is powered by our market-leading query performance and real-time data access to raw log data.

Devo Collective Defense securely analyzes alert data across the Devo community and identifies insights, trends, and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that are made available to Devo customers.

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Why our customers choose Devo

Sustainable and affordable

Devo’s simple licensing and predictable pricing model allow security teams to fight threats without compromises.

Reduced MTTD and MTTR

Automated, AI-driven threat detection, investigation and classification alleviates stress and increases productivity.

SaaS simplicity and performance

Fight threats without compromise with Devo’s simple licensing and predictable pricing model.

Total visibility

Conduct comprehensive pattern analysis across vast real-time and historical data with embedded AI.

Reduce burnout

Focus analysts on high-value activities, with the power to make informed decisions, and streamline manual tasks.

We were looking for a fully cloud-native SIEM with multitenancy that allowed us to aggregate data across multiple tenants. No other solution we evaluated provided us the level of opportunity and scalability that Devo did. i

Josh Copeland Security Director
Josh Copeland

Devo SOAR has allowed us to work with our users more efficiently and resolve incidents faster. What used to take 20 touchpoints to resolve a case, we can now execute in 5-6 steps with Devo. i

Global Director Fortune 500 Media Company

Being able to depend on Devo to produce alerts based on active threats is a great asset. It frees up our critical time and resources so our smaller team can focus on threat intelligence, hunting, and response. i

Cybersecurity Operations Manager Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

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