Fuel Your Security with Devo HyperStream

Our proprietary real-time data analytics engine enables limitless data ingestion and querying, adapts to your infrastructure for seamless integration, and scales linearly on demand to future-proof your investment.

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Analytics Cloud

Cybersecurity analytics at the speed of cloud

No-index ingestion

Cloud Collector

When it comes to ingesting large data volumes, no solution on the market is as capable as The Devo Security Data Platform. Consume and enrich any data type in real-time — data is available for use in less than one second and stored hot for 400 days.


The snail’s pace of your legacy SIEM is giving attackers a head start. With Devo, data is searchable immediately upon ingestion, and alerts fire with near-zero latency. Enrich data on-query for unlimited context.


Devo was born in the cloud and scales effortlessly with a 10:1 compression ratio. Ingest data from all sources, without limits, lags or data transformations.

The Security Data Platform

Unleash the power of your SOC with integrated SIEM, SOAR and UEBA.

Platform Overview


Is your SOC data-driven or data-distracted?

It’s time for SIEM to act like a security data platform.

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Accelerate your SOC with real-time cybersecurity analytics

Limitless data ingestion

Seamlessly ingest any data source from on-prem or in the cloud to combat advanced, persistent threats.

Zero infrastructure management

Eliminate centralized infrastructure and liberate the analysts who run it.

No data compromises

Complete visibility into real-time and historical data over the time horizon you need–without limits.

Unlimited speed and scale

Gain actionable intelligence and perform real-time, AI-powered analytics as your infrastructure scales and evolves.

True multitenancy

Share a single platform instance across multiple teams or geographies while maintaining complete data isolation and privacy.

With Devo, we’ve found a scalable, cloud-native SaaS solution that shapes and analyzes our data in ways that were not possible previously. Beyond the more robust features at our disposal, we have greater confidence in our data insights. i

Joe Wilson, IT Threat Intelligence Manager Ulta
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With Devo, we can work across multiple tenants, allowing us to have a 10,000-foot view across several agencies within the same state. We can see where there might be an attack against multiple tenants at once–we wouldn’t get that if we were using a different product. i

Josh Copeland, Cybersecurity Director AT&T

With our previous solution, if we needed to look over a long time period, we would take a week or two of logs, apply a filter, click search, and walk away. We knew that we were not going to get an answer anytime soon. With Devo, what used to be a 30-minute engagement has been reduced to 5 minutes. i

James Cassidy, Intermediate Security Analyst University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma

Log management can be like drinking from a fire hose, especially when juggling multiple tools. Devo gives us all our log information in a single place in the same format eliminating the need to manually fill in the blanks or speak what feels like five languages at once. i

James Cassidy, Intermediate Security Analyst University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma

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