The Power of a Security Data Platform

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In a world of increasing cyberthreats and burgeoning security data, traditional SIEMs are struggling to keep pace. The ever-expanding volume, velocity, and variety of security data necessitate a shift toward a more data-centric approach. That’s where a security data platform comes into play. A security data platform empowers your SOC to not only effectively manage the surge of data and security events, but also to detect threats in real-time. Not sold yet? Here are some of the other advantages a security data platform offers.

It Ingests All Data at Any Scale

The cornerstone of a security data platform is its ability to ingest all data at any scale. This capability addresses the challenges traditional SIEMs have when it comes to handling vast and varied data streams. A modern security data platform provides full visibility of all log data, giving your SOC a unified view of your entire digital ecosystem. This is crucial to identifying patterns, anomalies, and potential threats that might be dispersed across various systems and clouds.

It Harnesses the Benefits of Real-Time Analytics

One of the significant advantages of a security data platform is the provision of real-time alerts and analytics. The ability to detect and react to threats instantly is vital in a world where even a five-minute delay can lead to a data breach. A faster response means better protection for your corporate assets and reputation.

It Provides Access to Historical Data

With a security data platform, security teams have unrestricted access to both real-time and historical data, without any lag. This enables your SOC to stay one step ahead of attackers. Not only does this make it possible to understand all threats, even those that began over a year ago, but it also empowers teams to be proactive in their security strategies, hunt for potential threats, and adapt defenses as new challenges arise.

It Removes the Burden of Operational Responsibilities

Operational responsibility is a thing of the past with modern security data platforms. There’s no longer a need to dedicate multiple resources to keep your SIEM available and operating efficiently. Instead, your SOC can focus on deriving value from the platform rather than maintaining it. This allows you to save on hardware, software, and personnel costs and allows your team to focus on strategic activities.

Check All the Boxes for Your SOC

The value of a security data platform is evident. It ingests all data, provides real-time alerts and access to unrestricted data, and keeps your SIEM up and running without operational responsibilities. The Devo Security Data Platform ticks all these boxes. Powered by HyperStream, a proprietary real-time data analytics engine, it provides limitless visibility by ingesting data from any source at any volume. With features like autonomous investigations, community-based intelligence sharing, and a content marketplace, the platform’s data-first architecture and capabilities are designed to meet the requirements of any modern SOC.

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