This Just In: Devo Named a Leader in the GigaOm Radar Report for Autonomous SOCs

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GigaOm’s Radar Report for Autonomous Security Operations Centers (SOCs) is hot off the press, and we’re excited to announce that Devo was named a Leader and an Outperformer. We usually keep it humble, but this recognition is certainly worthy of celebrating. If you’re unfamiliar with GigaOm’s Radar reports, here’s the scoop on their work and what they had to say about Devo. Spoiler alert: Devo checked all of the boxes as a vendor solution that provides the most value.

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The lowdown on the GigaOm Radar Report

GigaOm Radar reports evaluate vendor solutions based on strategy and execution. They plot each vendor’s offering on a chart, with the closer to the center indicating a higher overall value. The chart also has two axes that range from Feature Play to Platform Play and from Maturity to Innovation. Finally, each vendor has a colored arrow that projects their solution’s predicted evolution over the coming 12 to 18 months.

For this report, GigaOm focused on autonomous SOC vendors. They emphasized that autonomous SOCs should not be fully autonomous. Instead, they should have the autonomy to cope with the most significant challenge for analysts: volume. By automating high-volume, low-complexity attacks, analysts can focus their time and energy on more critical attacks.

With this in mind, GigaOm focused on the core capabilities a solution must have to help minimize these repetitive tasks. They looked at key players in the industry and evaluated their solutions based on specific criteria such as autonomous operations, data, and threat enrichment, and retrospective analysis and threat categorization.

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Devo is right on target

Let’s get to the exciting part: Devo sits in the Leader circle, is designated as an Outperformer, and falls in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant. Of all the vendors, Devo’s position is closest to the center of the radar, which validates what we already know: Devo provides high value and offers the capabilities that SOCs need.

The report notes that Devo’s strengths lie in its comprehensive platform that supports security teams in automating their operations. Devo earned the highest possible score—”Exceptional: Outstanding focus and execution”—for almost all criteria, including:

  • Alarm Calibration, Curation & Correlation
  • Autonomous Operations
  • Behavioral Analytics & Contextual Risk-Based Scoring
  • Case Management & Collaboration
  • Data & Threat Enrichment
  • Retrospective Analysis & Threat Categorization
  • Zero-Day Response

The report specifically calls out a number of stand-out features Devo offers, including Devo DeepTrace (see DeepTrace in action here), an autonomous alert investigation, and threat hunting capability that allows for faster response times and more efficient threat detection. It also mentions that Devo’s 400 days of hot data is a distinguishing feature because the time period is much longer than what other vendors offer. This means you have access to a more extended history of data, giving you better visibility into past events and helping you make more informed decisions.

Supercharge your autonomous SOC with Devo 

The Devo Platform supercharges your SOC with advanced capabilities, and this recognition from GigaOm proves just that. We’re committed to delivering value to our customers and arming SOCs with the tools they need to succeed. To read all the details of how Devo stacked up against the competition, check out the whole GigaOm Radar Report for Autonomous SOCs.

Need help on your journey to the autonomous SOC? Devo’s got you covered. Check out our guide to building an autonomous SOC.

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