ESG Technical Validation: Supercharge the SOC With Devo

Is your security operations team prepared for today’s IT challenges? Good news, the Devo Security Data Platform’s efficient data ingestion and artificial intelligence (AI) have been expertly validated by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). By leveraging efficient data ingestion, AI capabilities, and SaaS technology, ESG confirmed that Devo provides full visibility into an organization’s risk posture and enables security teams to efficiently respond to and prevent breaches.

Key insights from the validation include how:

  • Devo’s proprietary HyperStream technology enables rapid data ingestion and processing, offering real-time results and analytics.
  • Devo DeepTrace simplifies investigations by autonomously querying data and building evidence.
  • Devo SOAR integrates with over 300 security tools and automates incident response via AI-assisted playbook creation.
  • These capabilities combined address the core challenges of today’s security landscape.

Download the validation to see real results and explore more on how Devo’s Security Data Platform can transform your security posture.

The ESG Technical Validation

Download the Report