Devo Platform 8.0 Release

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Respond to today’s complex threats with better usability, visibility, and analytics

2022 was a year of dramatic expansion for The Devo Platform. The enhancements of behavior analytics, workflow automation, and AI-driven threat detection have transformed the Devo Platform into a cloud-native, SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR solution. This gives security teams the visibility, high performance, and advanced analytics they need to respond quickly to threats and protect the business.

In the 2022 Devo SOC Performance Report, 31% of analysts indicated that ‘complexity and chaos’ make working in the SOC painful. This drove our commitment in 2023 and beyond to help current and future customers achieve their security objectives while boosting retention rates and job satisfaction within the SOC.

The Devo Platform 8.0 release helps analysts overcome these challenges by providing access to the Platform’s most sophisticated features with an updated, easy-to-use interface. The 8.0 release also includes new Activeboard widgets, helping analysts elevate data visualization techniques so they can do their best work.

Introducing the Devo Platform New User Interface

An agile, easy-to-use user interface must provide new and experienced users seamless access to the features of their security tools. After consulting with our customers, partners, and design experts, the UX team at Devo implemented a new environment containing an array of usability improvements which ensures an intuitive, consistent, and high-performing experience throughout Devo’s SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR capabilities.

Benefits include:

  • Modern layout: An updated color palette and better placement of menus, buttons, and tabs reduce visual clutter, which reduces fatigue so analysts can focus on critical tasks.
  • Intuitive design: Self-explanatory labels on menus and tabs decrease the time searching through online help and documentation, boosting analyst satisfaction and productivity.
  • Increased responsiveness: Automatically adjusting the UI to the user’s screen dimensions improves the overall user experience.
  • Improved accessibility: The updated color contrast and visual spacing of content ensures maximum readability, making the Devo Platform accessible to our growing user base.
The Devo Platform user interface has a more intuitive format.

The Devo Platform’s new color palette improves accessibility and readability.

For more examples of how the new Devo Platform release 8.0 user interface can help your team do more, refer to the Devo user documentation and Devo Connect.

New Activeboards Widgets

Devo Activeboards are intuitive, interactive dashboards enabling users to visualize, analyze, and explore their data. Powered by data queries, users can easily configure displays within minutes by dragging and dropping customizable widgets into an Activeboards window.

The Devo Platform 8.0 release contains three new widgets.

Stacked Column Widget

The Stacked Column widget extends the capabilities of the Column Widget by providing the ability to display grouped data. This enables users to quickly assess the values in the chart while observing the proportional representation of different data values.

Column Widget
Stacked Column Widget

Stacked Area Widget

The Area Chart widget displays a line graph over time. Like the Stacked Column widget, the Area widget has been extended to display grouped data across the chart. This improved capability helps users visually analyze the behavior of entities and their proportions over time.

Area Widget
Stacked Area Widget


Dependency Wheel Widget

The Dependency Wheel widget is a graphical representation of a flow chart where data is arranged in two circle segments, mapping each source to its respective target. Each connection is represented by a weighted arc between each data point. Users can quickly identify higher instances of activity between data points.

Learn more about the Devo Platform 8.0 Release

With increased usability and more visualization tools, the Devo Platform release 8.0 is ideally positioned to provide analysts of any level better access to the visibility, performance, and analytics they need to quickly and effectively respond to today’s complex threats.

To learn more about the Devo Platform 8.0 release, please refer to the Devo Documentation.

Want to find out more about how our customers are using the Devo Platform and its new features? Talk to our product experts and your security peers at Devo Connect.

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