Devo’s Latest Release Empowers Analysts to Discover Threats Faster and More Accurately

Over the past 12 months, the cyberthreat landscape has become much more tumultuous. A data breach analysis from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) found that the number of data breaches publicly reported so far this year has surpassed the total for 2020. That’s alarming. To combat this constant barrage of cyberattacks, you must equip your security team with the tools they need to match the pace of today’s data growth and cybercriminals’ relentlessness.

Devo’s latest product release accomplishes that goal. New Devo Platform functionalities and updates enable your security team to quickly detect and respond to advanced cyberthreats. Devo Flow provides advanced correlation, alerting and analytics capabilities, while Devo Endpoint Agent and Devo Relay make data onboarding faster and more secure for increased visibility. 

Here’s an overview of the new functionalities and Platform updates:

  • Devo Flow streamlines the deployment of sophisticated security use cases. It enables advanced correlation and analytics on real-time streaming data and empowers your security team to easily build high-signal alerts, develop workflows, and enrich and combine third-party data sources with data stored in the Devo Platform.
  • Devo Endpoint Agent is a lightweight and highly distributed endpoint visibility solution. It leverages osquery to collect and normalize data regardless of the operating system to deliver insights into endpoint activity and performance metrics. By capitalizing on the benefits of osquery and its open-source community, Devo Endpoint Agent makes it easier to achieve total visibility across a diverse set of endpoints by bringing data securely into your SIEM for correlation, investigation and threat hunting.
  • Devo Relay provides a centralized, secure way to send data to the Devo Platform. It also provides your security team with extensive controls, including the ability to securely tag, filter, buffer and compress data sent for analysis. With this release, users can now deploy and manage Relay more easily, and as always, take advantage of the ability to mask, drop, or filter confidential or sensitive data while minimizing bandwidth requirements.

These new functionalities and Platform updates from Devo set up your security team for ongoing success by delivering the speed, insights and capabilities they need to combat even the most sophisticated cyberthreats. Schedule a demo to learn more about Devo’s latest Platform enhancements.

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