Devo Multitenancy Provides Fast, Secure, Self-Service Access to Data Across Multiple Tenants

Security teams need the ability to model their complex organizations by splitting data across multiple tenants while maintaining complete visibility throughout the entire infrastructure. At the same time, they must keep data segregated to maintain security and meet data residency and compliance requirements.

MSSPs and enterprises are two types of customers that can benefit from these capabilities. MSSPs need to secure their managed customers’ data by keeping it segregated, while enterprises may want to split the data by region or business unit. Devo’s multitenancy enables them to centrally provision, monitor, manage and query an unlimited number of tenants that are linked together while giving them the ability to share certain assets such as access roles and lookups.

Devo’s multitenancy capability offers universal, secure data access across multiple tenants.

 Devo’s multitenancy provides

  • Simple, cloud-native SaaS implementation: Provision an unlimited number of tenants within minutes in the same cloud infrastructure, which reduces TCO and increases time to value.
  • Self-service capabilities: Easily provision and configure data access for tenants in a matter of minutes, which enables rapid onboarding.
  • Secure and global data access: Obtain global access to individual tenants from a parent tenant, which provides complete visibility for security teams while protecting information.
  • Speed and flexibility: Leverage the unparalleled speed, scalability, and clarity of the Devo Platform while accessing complete sets of data via global tenants, which reduces MTTR and increases productivity.

Global search capabilities help security teams hunt for IOCs across multiple tenants.

Devo’s multitenancy supports a variety of configurations

Utilizing Devo’s multitenancy self-service capabilities, organizations can configure their security environment to support their customers while protecting their data’s compliance and residency requirements.

Here are two sample configurations that can be implemented in the Devo Platform’s multitenancy manager:

MSSP Global Domain

Global domain with subsidiary and multiple BUs

Global domain with multiple SOCs

In each case, multiple tenants can be configured in the Devo environment under a global tenant, which has complete visibility throughout the environment. Using the self-service capability, customized data access permissions and search operations can be easily configured between ‘parent’ and ‘child’ tenants.

Devo’s multitenancy helps organizations scale their operations

With Devo’s multitenancy capability, MSSPs and enterprises no longer have the burden of provisioning and managing individual security operations infrastructures. Now security teams have access to identical features and functionality while data is available and secure. Organizations can

  • Search for IOCs across multiple tenants via global search, enabling rapid identification of threats across the entire attack surface.
  • Provision and configure multitenancy to meet customers’ security needs while efficiently managing and safeguarding their data.
  • Implement more efficient deployment of multitenancy across different locations, which provides improved data security while maintaining data residency and compliance.
  • Perform rapid adoption and onboarding of new customers while leveraging the adoption of the Devo platform in a matter of hours without the hassle of deploying additional infrastructure.

Want to learn more?

For more technical details on Devo’s multitenancy capabilities, please refer to the Devo Multitenancy Solution Brief for MSSPs and the Devo Multitenancy Solution Brief for Enterprises.

Please refer to the Devo documentation for the latest updates on Devo’s multitenancy in the 7.15 Platform release.

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