Global Automotive Supplier Chooses Devo Over Splunk to Get Security Analytics Back on Track


Devo helps centrally manage global data, scales to tens of terabytes, and provides an easy-to-use interface for analysts

A top global automotive supplier dropped Splunk Cloud in favor of LogLogic a few years ago due to high costs. But they became so fed up with its inability to deliver results they considered a return to the prior vendor.

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Quick Facts


  • Automotive Supply


  • Easy data analysis
  • Centralize and manage data from multiple sources
  • Support for major cloud providers, e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Scalable to accommodate high-volume data bursts in the range of terabytes per day


After dumping Splunk Cloud due to high costs and poor user interface and query performance, this top automotive supplier tried LogLogic, without success. It was eager to improve its ability to centralize data
collection from EMEA and Asia, and upgrade analysts’ ability to query the full data set. So, the team revisited their prior vendor and also considered Humio and Devo.


Devo delivers the ability to ingest, store, and instantly query at least 400 days of hot historical data of any type in any location. Devo also gives analysts a user-friendly interface. This enables them to easily customize and execute queries and subqueries across multiple data sources using a single filter and get immediate results. The company’s data volume is expected to spike sharply from connected vehicles, and Devo showed it can handle tens of TBs of daily volume.

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