Customer Success Story

Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Backup Software Company Jump-Starts its Cybersecurity Initiative with Devo


WANTED: A solution to build a world-class SOC

A leading enterprise cloud data management and backup software company has seen its growth explode and needed to build an in-house security operations center (SOC) in order to proactively provide world-class security support to its customers.

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Quick Facts


  • Technology


  • Enable deployment on the big three public cloud platforms
  • Ingest machine data in any format from a
    variety of sources such as firewalls, endpoints,
    and other products
  • Securely send event data to partners such as
    an MSSP via API
  • Demonstrate proven large-scale capabilities
    in similar situations
  • Be capable of use by select people outside of
    the security team


This enterprise cloud data management and backup provider had an immediate need to establish in-house security capabilities, revolving around its own SOC. They identified a key first step as selecting a complete enterprise log management solution.


The Devo Platform met and surpassed the company’s needs by accommodating all three major public cloud providers along with a wide variety of data sources.

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