Customer Success Story

Pro Sports League Unlocks Power of All Machine Data Sources with Devo

WANTED: A solution to handle diverse data types

When one of North America’s major professional sports leagues realized that its existing open-source security analytics solution, Graylog, couldn’t scale to meet its growing needs, the league began scouting for a high-powered replacement.

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Quick Facts


  • Professional Sports


This professional sports league needed to improve upon the performance of the open-source security operations solution it was using, while also fully leveraging all of its operational data.


  • Daily ingestion of up to 2TB of data from over 100 sources
  • Unified collection of operations and security data
  • Cost-effective data infrastructure well-suited for peak demand during games and minimal usage at other times
  • Real-time insights into enterprise applications


The Devo Platform easily ingests all of the league’s data, to provide real-time insights that help improve operations and security.

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