Devo and The University of Oklahoma Reduce Investigation Time by 50%

Devo enables the University of
Oklahoma to centralize all logs and
leverage a single source of truth to
proactively remediate threats.

The University of Oklahoma chose Devo to centralize multiple logging and SIEM instances on a single cloud-hosted platform enabling the security team to investigate and respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

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Quick Facts


  • Education


  • More than 45,000 endpoints
  • Three geographically dispersed campuses
  • Providing protection for over 3,000 students


  • Lack of visibility across multiple domains
  • Unable to ingest all data
  • Manual labor required for on-prem solution
  • Inability to create or rely on custom alerting to reach automation


  • All SIEM and log instances on a single platform
  • Data collection is now comprehensive and centralized
  • The team can respond more quickly and efficiently
  • Access to out-of-the-box alerting content at no additional cost

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