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According to the 2022 SANS Threat Hunting Report, 68% of organizations identify the lack of training and skilled staff as the primary barriers to operating a successful threat-hunting team. SANS’ analysis also found that 51% of security teams consider their threat-hunting posture as still maturing, acknowledging the need to upgrade their threat-hunting capabilities.

Watch this webinar to hear:

  • The key findings of the 2022 SANS Threat Hunting Report.
  • How the SANS report authors, Josh Lemon and Mat Fuchs, tackled this analysis and adjusted some of their previous methodologies to paint a more accurate picture of the current state of threat-hunting world-wide.
  • Sophos’ perspective on how to operationalize the key themes brought to light in this report.
  • Audience questions this webinar prompted and the responses from the panelists.

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