The SANS 2022 Threat Hunting Survey

Download the SANS 2022 Threat Hunting Survey

According to a recent SANS survey, 68% of organizations identify the lack of training and skilled staff as the primary barriers to operating a successful threat hunting team.

This year’s analysis found that 51% of security teams consider their threat hunting posture as still maturing, acknowledging the need to upgrade their threat hunting capabilities. While these metrics are improving year over year, there is more work to do.

The report provides valuable insights organizations can use to develop threat hunting methodologies. It explains how those methodologies will inform the selection of tools, technologies and staffing for threat hunting teams. Download the report to learn:

  • How organizations that develop threat hunting methodologies before selecting tools tend to be more successful in refining their security posture.
  • To deploy the right mix of security tools, skills, and threat intelligence for successful threat hunting.
  • Ways to overcome common barriers that often prevent organizations from achieving greater threat hunting success.

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