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UK SOC Analyst Appreciation Day: Untraditional Paths into Cyber

The cybersecurity industry has long grappled with a skills shortage, as many SOC leaders have found it increasingly difficult to find and retain candidates. But have we exhausted all our options? There’s room in the cybersecurity industry to expand the candidate pool by tapping into individuals from less conventional and more diverse backgrounds.

This panel discussion explores skills, neurodivergent thinking, and “untraditional” experiences that may translate well into cybersecurity career paths and how to learn and grow once you’ve started your career. Madeline Carr, Professor of Global Politics and Cybersecurity at University College London, was the moderator for this panel.

Other participants include:

• Vincent Laurens, Vice-President, Global Security Strategist, Devo

• Jay Jay Davey, SOC Client Lead, Bridewell

• Natalie Page, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Talion

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