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Hiring and Retaining SOC Talent — and Where Automation Fits In

Our recent SOC Performance Report™ found that SOC leaders continue to face challenges retaining SOC analysts amidst talent shortages and high turnover. To be specific, the survey found that 71% of security professionals are likely to quit due to a combination of persistent issues working in the SOC.

So, how can SOC leaders improve working conditions in the SOC, recruit and hire top-tier talent, and prevent talent churn?  Kayla Williams, CISO of Devo, moderated this panel discussion with SOC managers from H&R Block, FanDuel, and Accenture. These professionals shared how they grow and retain their teams, how they’ve leveraged automation to improve workloads, and explained how you can do the same.

Topics covered include: 

  • Highlights from Devo’s most recent SOC Performance Report, including which factors contribute most to SOC burnout, mental health issues, long hiring cycles, and SOC inefficiencies. 
  • Insights on modern-day cyber recruiting, including how to retire outdated barriers of entry into cyber career paths.  
  • How to leverage automation to improve workloads and, ultimately, overall job satisfaction so you can retain your top analysts.
  • A concluding Q + A session. 

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