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Global Retail and Commercial Bank Chooses Devo for Centralized SIEM Solution

WANTED: A solution to bridge their cloud migration

After spending more than two years and several million dollars, a large global retail and commercial bank realized its security incident response efforts were still failing to ingest all of the structured and unstructured data from both on-premises and cloud sources.

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Quick Facts


  • Financial Services


  • Daily ingestion of more than 3TB of data from more than 100 data source types
  • Unified collection of structured and unstructured data for improved efficiency and security
  • Simultaneous support for on-premises and cloud data sources
  • Cost-effective data infrastructure well-suited for peak demand while delivering a lower TCO


This global bank needed to shut down a failed, multi-year SIEM project and centralize its log management across on-premises and cloud security sources, ingesting copious amounts of unstructured and structured data—while also supporting its ongoing digital transformation initiative.


The Devo Platform easily ingests all of the bank’s data from any source in any format, providing real-time insights that help improve performance, security, and protection from cyber threats at scale.

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