Devo at Black Hat

Mandalay Bay | Booth #1468

August 6-8

Las Vegas

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Visit booth #1468 to:


Stop Cyber Burnout

For every badge scan, Devo will donate $10 to Cybermindz, a not-for-profit organization focused on restoring cybersecurity professionals to mental wellness.


Get a Professional Headshot

We’ll have a photographer on hand to take free, professional headshots. Dress in your best and swing by to get a new LinkedIn photo! 

SOC Transformation

Defend with Data

Visit us at booth #1468 to catch Devo in action with live, interactive demos of the Devo Security Data Platform. Our experts will be on hand to show you how your SOC team can:

Achieve unmatched visibility

Achieve unmatched visibility as your infrastructure scales and evolves.

Find threats with zero lag

Find threats with zero lag with streaming alerts.

Get the full attack story

Get the full attack story within minutes using attack-tracing AI.


The Power of a Security Data Platform

Discover the future of cybersecurity with our blog on the transformative power of Security Data Platforms. Learn how they empower SOCs to combat evolving threats with real-time analytics, unlimited data access, and streamlined operations. Stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding your digital assets.

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