How Devo Helps Our Customers Solve Pressing Cybersecurity Challenges

For the past 10-plus years, cybersecurity solutions have been innovating rapidly to thwart new threats. But as they solved security challenges, new ones constantly emerged — especially as organizations continue to expedite their digital transformation efforts and shift to the cloud.

I’ve witnessed a lot of this innovation first-hand. When I started in the industry 12 years ago, I worked as a consultant. That is when I first learned about the security problems large enterprises were facing and how they manage the associated business risks. I then worked as an application security engineer, which provided me with deep knowledge about developing secure software. Having a balance of technical and business-focused risk management skills served me well as I moved onto Deloitte and then Deutsche Bank to solve more complex security challenges.

Now, in my new role as a cybersecurity specialist for the EMEA region at Devo, I want to reflect on the past cybersecurity challenges I’ve seen, the issues enterprises are dealing with now, what’s yet to come, and how Devo is working on multiple fronts to help our customers successfully deal with it all.

Challenges Around Digital Transformation and Cloud Security
At Deloitte, many of our clients were in the throes of their digital transformation journeys. Many had begun to shift to the cloud, but they didn’t know how to secure the cloud as they adopted it. As this cloud shift continued, many organizations realized they needed new ways to secure their information, business, and networks. To address these challenges, we started a cyber innovation ecosystem where we found early-stage security startups to solve these challenges for our clients. As I tackled and found solutions for security challenges, I gained the confidence to think about even more complex issues. I saw the financial services sector as being especially vulnerable to cybercrime — and maintaining trust in this sector is paramount — so I joined Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank — like other organizations I had worked with — was undergoing a cloud transformation. This shift required a new approach to security tooling that consisted of a blend of machine learning and policies that enabled the security team to understand what was going on in their networks. This innovative new tooling would enable the bank to respond quickly and efficiently to suspicious activity. Seeing how new security tools could help solve the challenges for which I had spent the bulk of my career searching for answers got me excited to work for a technology company — and that’s what led me to Devo.

Solving Today and Tomorrow’s Security Challenges for Devo Customers

While I was with Deutsche Bank, I got a chance to meet with the Devo team and instantly became interested in its technology and all that the company was doing. Now that I’m part of the team, I’m excited to work alongside our sales organization and expert security team to find solutions for customers’ most pressing security challenges. Working closely with our current and prospective customers enables me to help inform our product team on the features and functionalities that organizations seek to solve their toughest security challenges.

I love how our technology can make an immediate impact on their productivity and security. Since the Devo Platform is a cloud-native solution, it addresses many of the visibility and complexity challenges organizations face when moving their workloads and applications to the cloud.

It’s become apparent to me that everyone at Devo is highly motivated by our mission. We all want to solve customer security problems. As we look at ongoing security challenges — such as the constant barrage of ransomware attacks, security gaps that emerge during digital transformation efforts, and privacy issues related to GDPR — it’s exhilarating to work with a team that’s passionate about thwarting, minimizing, or entirely solving these issues.

I’m enjoying rolling up my sleeves and learning about all things Devo. If you’d like to set up a discussion with me to talk through the security challenges your team is facing, connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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