How to Get a Job in Cybersecurity by Leveraging LinkedIn

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Landing a SOC job and breaking into the cybersecurity space can feel daunting. One way to set yourself up for success is to leverage professional social networking sites like LinkedIn. When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for growing your connections and landing your dream gig. Not sure how to get a job in cybersecurity by using LinkedIn? Here are some tips.

Pick Your Focus

Narrow down your search by focusing on a couple of domains within cybersecurity. There are still plenty of options within each domain, but having a general area of interest allows you to be more strategic with your efforts. From defensive roles (blue team) to offensive roles (red team) to GRC (governance, risk, and compliance), there are a lot of options. Consider whether you see yourself intercepting potential security incidents (blue team), identifying vulnerabilities (red team), or plotting the broader security strategies (GRC roles). Once decided, this focus can help you streamline your actions and concentrate on finding opportunities in your chosen area.

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Brainstorm Your Dream Job

After determining your target sector, look for companies where you could envision a prospective career. Consider making a list of the top three to five companies you’d like to work for, and use LinkedIn’s people search function to find employees who already work on the SOC team. Introduce yourself and ask them their day-to-day responsibilities. Ask to set up a 15-minute virtual coffee chat to gain insights about their role. Through these interactions, you can learn what daily tasks involve, the required hard and soft skills, and the appealing and unappealing aspects of the job. Pro-tip: LinkedIn Premium can help you connect with more people. There is a monthly fee, but you can take advantage of testing out a free trial before you invest in a subscription.

Network, Network, Network

Aside from connecting with current employees, connect with hiring managers and recruiters at your dream companies. Mutual connections can pave the way for promising intros, and a direct one-on-one conversation allows you to understand the precise job requirements.

The key is to avoid thinking of LinkedIn as merely a job-hunting platform. Instead, it’s a community where you can share knowledge and learn from your peers in the cybersecurity field. Show your dedication to self-growth by regularly posting on LinkedIn—whether you’re sharing your interview experiences, expressing your viewpoint on articles you’ve read, or posing a question that could drive a conversation. These interactions will help boost your visibility and capture the attention of hiring managers.

Follow the Experts

Following people who are influential in the cybersecurity space is not just a great way to learn and network. These experts often post or repost job opportunities and career advice. For example, Naomi Buckwalter regularly shares tips for both job seekers and hiring managers in the cybersecurity space. She also regularly highlights open entry-level cybersecurity jobs. A few of our other favorite cybersecurity experts to follow on LinkedIn are:

Fuel Your Engagement

Consider taking advantage of David Meece’s 100-Day Cybersecurity Challenge. Regardless of your experience, this challenge aims to push you from your comfort zone. You might also gain recognition from recruiters and hiring managers. The challenge is simple: Share a LinkedIn post daily for 100 days using the hashtag #cybertechdave100daysofcyberchallenge. Remember, consistency is what feeds progress.

The journey to your first SOC job may come with some challenges, but your LinkedIn network could be your lifeboat amidst challenging tides. If you’re wondering how to get a job in cybersecurity by leveraging LinkedIn, all you need to do is set your focus, identify potential employers, connect with relevant people, and engage on the platform consistently. Go on, challenge the norm, and keep the conversation rolling!

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