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Raise your hand if you need a smarter security solution to better defend against today’s complex attacks. With Devo, educational institutions can act faster than threat actors, find threats with zero lag, and reduce false positives by 95%.

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Higher education institutions encounter unique challenges that demand sophisticated cybersecurity solutions. Devo offers comprehensive solutions against the following challenges:

Diverse user base and endpoint security

Managing security in an environment with a diverse user base, including students, faculty, and researchers, each with unique needs and behaviors.

Protection of intellectual property and research data

Academic institutions are hubs for research and innovation, generating valuable intellectual property and research data, making them attractive targets for cyber threats.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Higher education institutions handle vast amounts of sensitive student data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and academic records.

Make your campus more secure

Discover the unmatched power of Devo’s platform.


Centralize logs

Devo helps improve cybersecurity and operational efficiency by providing a unified view that streamlines monitoring, analysis, and response.

Scale solutions

You’ll have the ability to scale the solution to accommodate the dynamic nature of the institute’s network and user base with automation and an ever-growing list of integrations.

Advanced threat detection

Our SIEM solution provides advanced threat detection capabilities to identify and respond to sophisticated attacks, and helps your teams to become proactive.


We offer a solution that provides value for the investment and aligns with the budget constraints typical of public institutions.

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface that allows for efficient monitoring and analysis, reducing the learning curve for security staff.

Knowing all of the data is there, it’s collecting all of our logs, just gives me a sense of assurance. We have a place to go to get the correct information when we are investigating an incident. It helps me sleep better at night. Provides that confidence that our team is effective and responding appropriately. i

Public University Chief Information Security Officer
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