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The visibility to do everything better

Run deeper analyses. Perform faster mitigations. See threats sooner with more detail. Do everything better with full visibility.

Visibility to do better

The heightened need for visibility

Only one-third of organizations in a recent survey claim they are very confident that their organization’s tools provide adequate security visibility into cloud-resident workloads.

The impact? A heightened sense of urgency around the need for better visibility.

  • Organizations need to know where their biggest risks and threats lie, so they can allocate resources and funds to keep their information safe.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the move to working in remote and cloud-based environments has accelerated the pace at which many companies have switched, increasing potential risk exposure.
  • Low visibility = high vulnerability. According to the SANS 2021 Cloud Security Survey, the leading challenge respondents face in adapting incident response and forensic analysis to the cloud is lack of real-time visibility into events and communications involved in an incident

IGT achieves network, endpoint and cloud visibility with Devo

Embracing hybrid and cloud complexity

Cloud-based solutions are the end goal, but most aren’t there yet and won’t be for a long time. Learning to navigate, monitor and troubleshoot cloud and hybrid environments is essential to a well-oiled security operation.

Monitoring Cloud & Hybrid Environments

According to the 2021 ESG report, Beyond Cloud Adoption, 61% of Cloud Evangelists are supplementing SIEM with cloud-native security monitoring tools

Properly define and measure visibility

Visibility has a different meaning based on an organization’s size, technology and business goals and objectives. To define visibility accurately, an organization must:

  • Collect insight from all levels
  • Understand the challenges you are facing currently and could face in the future
  • Consider visibility from three perspectives: people, processes and technology
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How Devo provides total visibility

Devo enables you to ingest data from all your data sources, closing the visibility gap that puts your organization at higher risk. Devo integrates with your existing security ecosystem to enrich investigations with valuable context. Its flexible APIs connect to your preferred SOAR platform to accelerate incident response.

“We have definitely saved time using Devo, but the greater visibility it gives us is really hard to quantify…With the greater visibility and the ability to aggregate and analyze data in a better way, we have better mitigation. We see the threats sooner or more in detail. We can do everything better.”


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