Think Outside the SOC: Modern Approaches to Talent, Development & Automation

Watch the recording of this virtual panel from June 4, 2020, moderated by Sean Martin of ITSPmagazine.

How is automation impacting hiring and retention of staff in the SOC?

People, processes, and technology working together are the keys to a sustainable SOC team. How can we take modern approaches to technology and talent staffing to foster a culture of growth and success?

In this virtual panel, moderated by Sean Martin of ITSPMagazine, cyber security industry leaders from IAC, Moelis & Co., Devo, and guest speaker Joseph Blankenship of Forrester Research, discuss:

  • A new mindset for evaluating cybersecurity staffing needs based on intellect and motivation vs. certifications and credits
  • Recommendations and best practices for improving SOC retention
  • The critical role automation can play in reducing analyst burnout and improving SOC effectiveness
  • How teams are adapting to 100% remote work in pandemic times

Event Panelists

Joseph Blankenship

VP, Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals at Forrester

Julian Waits

General Manager, Cybersecurity Business Unit at Devo Technology

Yatin Choksey

Chief Information Security Officer at Moelis & Company

Mehan Kasinath

Vice President Enterprise Information Security at IAC

Event Moderator

Sean Martin

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at ITSPmagazine

Virtual Panel | Think Outside the SOC

Watch the virtual panel on-demand recording to hear from industry research and organizational leaders.