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In a world full of vendors, Devo is a true ally in the fight against cyberthreats. Take a deep dive into the strengths and features that make Devo stand out against its competitors.

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Devo Technology vs. the Competition

Devo vs. Splunk

Devo empowers you to search and alert in real-time, not 15 minutes to an hour after indexing, like Splunk. Get unlimited searches for unlimited users with simple, predictable pricing. Low-code automation and analytics uplevel ALL analysts in the SOC, not just the Splunk experts.

Devo vs. Exabeam

Devo offers performance and scalability that Exabeam simply can’t. Exabeam’s UEBA works well with existing SIEMs like Splunk, but their standalone solution has never scaled well due to its clunky indexing.  Usable only for small to midsize organizations, you’ll outgrow it quickly.

Devo vs. Chronicle

Devo gives you everything in one place. Google forces you to use multiple UIs for Chronicle, BigQuery, Looker, VirusTotal, Siemplify, and more. Devo’s integrated approach to the autonomous SOC is precisely the opposite of Google’s suite of connected tools.  

Devo vs. Sentinel

Sentinel is easy to deploy if most of your data sources and automation are Microsoft and Azure.  But it was never designed for multitenant, hybrid cloud environments. Non-Microsoft and custom data sources must be parsed and indexed before they can be queried or alerts created, leaving you minutes behind your attacker. 

Devo vs. Sumo Logic

Like Devo, Sumo offers a substantial amount of OOB alerts and dashboards. But unlike Devo, their SIEM is a bolt-on product acquired from Jask that isn’t well integrated with the rest of the platform. Because of this, Sumo struggles to enrich alerts from third-party threat intelligence sources and parse custom log sources, and falls short on security functions like Case Management.

What makes Devo stand out?

Sustainable and affordable

Devo’s simple licensing and predictable pricing model allow security teams to fight threats without compromises.

Reduced MTTD and MTTR

Automated, AI-driven threat detection, investigation and classification increases productivity and speeds up threat remediation.

SaaS simplicity and performance

Fight threats without compromise with Devo’s simple licensing and predictable pricing model.

Total visibility

Conduct comprehensive pattern analysis across vast real-time and historical data with embedded AI.

Reduce burnout

Focus analysts on high-value activities, with the power to make informed decisions and streamline manual tasks.

What to Expect as a Customer

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