The SOC of Today is Obsolete

Leveraging Cloud Shift to Realign Cybersecurity & the Business

December 3rd | 12pm ET | 9am PT | 5pm GMT

Are your teams keeping pace with the changing requirements of today’s SOC?

Organizations are trying their best to tackle the shift to the cloud, which is accelerated by remote work, endpoint proliferation, and the explosion of security-rich data. But 45% of security teams are not aligned with their business counterparts when it comes to this critical transition. And with legacy security solutions still having on-prem data sources, organizations are also dealing with outdated infrastructure. The unanticipated—and rapid—pace of change in the business environment, which forces IT teams to deploy applications months and years in advance, is driving obsolescence.

In this session, industry leaders discuss the trends causing the SOC to become obsolete and what is required of a modern SOC team to expedite this digital transformation.

  • Date: December 3rd, 2020
  • Time: 9am PT  |  12pm ET  |  5pm GMT
  • Location: Zoom

Devo is donating $25 on behalf of each attendee to Hack.Diversity to help advance a more inclusive and innovative tech industry.

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The SOC of Today is Obsolete | December 3rd


Jon Oltsik

Senior Principal Analyst at ESG

Gaurav Begwani

Sr. Manager, Security Architecture & Operations at SurveyMonkey

Vincent Laurens

Cyber Security Strategist – Former CISO Euroclear Group


Marc van Zadelhoff

CEO at Devo Technology

Virtual Panel | The SOC of Today is Obsolete

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