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Detect and respond to what matters

Improve the quality and effectiveness of threat detection and response by enabling analysts to focus on what matters most

To detect, you first need visibility

And visibility starts with collecting all of your security-relevant data in a single analytics solution. If you wrestle with this, you’re not alone. Legacy solutions struggle when new data sources—such as those associated with cloud environments, new application environments, and IoT—are introduced. And, of course, they’re expensive.

Devo, in sharp contrast, makes it fast, easy and cost effective to onboard all your data sources—no matter the size or type. The clarity you’ll achieve into your business will leave you wondering if your previous data lake was ever up to the task.

Want to arm your analysts with the tools they need for better threat detection and response?

Master the art of rapid detection

The goal of detection is simple: find threats before they put your business at risk. To do that requires advanced detection methods coupled with threat intelligence to identify whether a threat is meaningful to the business.

The broad, high-signal set of Devo alert types and the included Devo Threat Data Service ensures that you’re able to quickly identify threats within all of your data and that your analysts can confidently assess cyberthreats.

Triage confidently—with context

Triaging a mountain of alerts quickly leads to analyst stress and burnout. What if a tool could enable analysts to focus only on what matters most?

Devo makes this a reality by adding context to each alert—which boosts analysts’ confidence. Context ranges from MITRE ATT&CK framework tactics and techniques to real-time entity details, all of which help reduce MTTR and empower analysts to find hidden threats.

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Pivot to investigation with a single click

Detection gets the ball rolling. The next steps are to investigate and respond to potential incidents. With Devo, complex and clunky UIs are history, replaced with a single-solution workflow.

Seamlessly take a recently triaged alert and add it to a new or existing investigation your team is working on—all of its context is seamlessly carried over, reducing workload and increasing collaboration.

“Devo’s capabilities of ingesting so many different types of structured and unstructured data beats out the other tools that I’ve used. Overall, it’s far more advanced and user-friendly than the other competitive log analysis and SIEM tool.”

Jay Grant

Manager of Security Services, OpenText

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.