The Devo Toolkit for SOC Effectiveness provides resources, tips, and 3rd party insights on the common challenges that the modern SOC faces, as well as how to address factors driving SOC ineffectiveness.



Devo is helping cybersecurity teams close the gap between detection and response, and drive higher effectiveness in their security operations center. One of our customers, a large European telecommunications service provider, migrated from Splunk to Devo with tremendous results:

“We have definitely saved time using Devo, but the greater visibility it gives us is really hard to quantify. Everybody’s more effective, obviously. And the hardware costs are down compared to the other solution. Everybody feels it’s a good value, especially in mitigating risk or attacks. With the greater visibility and the ability to aggregate and analyze data in a better way, we have better mitigation. We see the threats sooner or more in detail. We can do everything better.”

Security Analyst at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees [Read full review]



What sets Devo apart is our no-compromise architecture and principles in data management. You can learn about the Devo difference below:

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