Tech Preview

Devo Security Operations

Everything your analysts wish a SIEM could be

Guiding Analysts to Insight and Action

Security Operations Center (SOC) teams have been struggling with many of the same issues for years – lack of visibility, too much noise – all while the threat landscape grows more complex. Devo Security Operations is a next-gen SIEM that enables you to gain complete visibility, reduce noise, and focus on the threats that matter most to the business.

Bring together all security-relevant data

The sheer volume of data generated today and growth in complex multi-stage threats is daunting. Devo Security Operations is the central hub for the SOC, enabling analysts to collect, store, and analyze any data type from any source with ease, from traditional security sources to IT infrastructure and business application data. With greater visibility, analysts can focus on high impact threats, magnify analyst intuition, and improve the speed and accuracy of triage, investigation, and response.

Magnify analyst intuition to improve identification, triage, and investigation

Stand together against threats

SOCs can no longer stand alone. Threat sharing allows SOCs to stand together against threats through collaborative analysis to prevent repetitive investigative efforts. Devo Security Operations automatically enriches data at scale with curated open, proprietary, and commercial threat intelligence sources, matching indicators at the velocity of your data. In addition, Devo provides access to a community of incident response experts. You can choose to engage with Devo customers, peers, and providers across the global community, or share across different regions within your own company. 


Real-time context and enrichment to get to the full threat story

SOC analysts spend an incredible amount of time manually sifting through large volumes of data and repeating the same tasks to draw out relevant findings. Devo makes it easy to pivot, filter, and iterate across petabytes of enriched data in seconds to improve operational efficiency and better enable analysts to focus on what they love. Then, integrate your findings by labeling data with relevance, context, and confidence to guide future decisions.


Analyze the past, understand the present

Devo Security Operations enables high-speed analytics across all real-time and historical data. No more limitations based on legacy economics. Collect evidence, determine the impact and dwell time of a threat, and identify threat trends and adversarial patterns to build a comprehensive understanding of an attack.


Increase signal to focus on the threats that matter most

Behavioral analytics is the foundation of enhanced detection capabilities. Enable teams to improve signal-to-noise ratio and more easily detect badness through machine learning, statistics, and aggregations. Less noise means higher confidence, quality alerts, so your team can implement more effective investigation of incidents, reliably identify high impact threats, and gain the context required to act.


A better way to manage alerts

Don’t only surface only critical threats – reduce cycles managing them. Detect threats in real time with built-in rules or create your own. Quickly visualize relevant threats grouped by entity with filtering and role-specific views. Then, triage and validate threats using continual learning for alert reduction and prioritization, as well as pre-populated alert information including common attack patterns and behavioral triggers.


Transform intuition into automated, repeatable actions

Put your greatest asset to work: analyst insight

Stop having your analysts run the same investigations over and over again. Devo Security Operations captures and learns analyst behaviors to automate investigations, improve decision-making, and help speed onboarding of new security talent. This knowledge capture reduces the total burden on the team over time, shifting analysts to more strategic tasks.


Guiding the path from data to action

The more efficiently you can triage alerts and investigate threats, the faster you can respond to surfaced incidents. Our context-rich analyst workflow helps structure the flow of information and action. Streamline operations and reduce double-work through intuitive design and automation across a curated workflow. Then, enhance your process by saving and sharing workflows and labeling artifacts and investigations to continuously learn from the past.


Enough with the swivel-chair approach to response

You shouldn’t have to swivel from screen to screen. Your technologies should swivel around you. Improve the speed and efficacy of threat response by bringing together leading capabilities of the SOC to automate manual, repetitive processes and orchestrate the incident response workflow.

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