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Devo Security Operations

Transform your SOC with a cloud-native next-gen SIEM

It’s time to close the gap between detection and response

Devo Security Operations reinvents the SIEM, empowering analysts to focus on the threats that matter most to the business. It puts the right alerts, data, context and intelligence at their fingertips across the entire threat lifecycle, making them more productive and effective.

It all starts with a visual, context-rich proactive approach

Rules-based detection requires tuning and focuses primarily on known threats. In today’s threat environment, that’s not good enough. Change the game by shifting the focus to visual, context-rich entities. Devo Security Operations automatically classifies, models and associates entities as the foundation to vastly speed detection, triage and investigation. The result: analysts only receive high-fidelity alerts, which enables them to work more productively and effectively.

Purpose Built to Make Analysts More Effective

Gain unparalleled visibility across the entire threat landscape with dynamic visual awareness

Stop waiting for slow queries from legacy SIEMs that don’t provide a full picture. Through interactive views that are built automatically, analysts can visualize the interconnectedness of their environment with the ability to surface threats through clustering of entities by impact, producer/consumer ratio (PCR), and entity social connectedness, increasing situational awareness.


Improve signal, reduce noise with advanced detection

Reduce alert fatigue, time spent triaging false-positives, and MTTR by only receiving high fidelity alerts that matter. Move beyond rules-based detection. Devo uses multiple methods to refine the multitude of alerts, including:

  • Analytics based on practitioner experience
  • Machine-learning entity models and UEBA
  • MITRE ATT&CK framework alignment
  • Detections leveraging known threat activity integrated with third party intelligence feeds

Accelerate and simplify investigations with auto enrichment

Stop manually querying multiple tools to get the full threat picture. Devo Security Operations speeds triage and investigation with a context-rich picture of entities, alerts and prior learning. Events and investigations are automatically enriched with:

  • Actionable, real-time data and context
  • Evidence Bucket enables analysts to move back and forth
  • Capture, investigate, and enrich investigations with greater context with support for a multitude of EDR, NTA, and other data sources
  • Indicators from the Devo Threat Data Service and the community

The result: improved operational efficiency and analysts who can apply their expert knowledge to investigations.

Operationalize the knowledge of the global security community

The Devo Threat Data Service enriches alerts with attributes and indicators ranging from hashes and domains to IP addresses, emails and files. Devo Security Operations customers can consume indicators from, and collaborate with, the MISP community and other internal or third-party sources, significantly expanding an organization’s scope of threat knowledge.


Eliminate the swivel chair with a single extensible solution with a streamlined workflow

Devo Security Operations provides an end-to-end practitioner-designed workflow that seamlessly integrates methods of enrichment, analysis, and investigation from your security ecosystem, reducing the number of consoles and quickening the analyst’s investigation pace and effectiveness to speed investigations and improve response time.

Addressing Critical SOC Use Cases


Threat Hunting

Speed the hunting process by proactively identifying threats before they impact your organization.

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Threat Detection

Improve the quality and effectiveness of threat detection, enabling analysts to focus on what matters most.

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Threat Investigation

Accelerate triage and investigation by leveraging entity analytics and auto enrichment in an end-to-end workflow.

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