The Devo experience extends beyond our platform with the availability of premium 7×24 support, included free with every subscription. Devo has the expertise, guidance and professional services at the ready to help users fully realize the business benefits of Devo, and accelerate time-to-value.  We’re here to help you to ensure the best possible outcome for your organization.

We offer a full scope of training and professional service offerings to help maximize the value of your Devo investment and best meet your business needs.

Professional Services

Devo Professional Services provide the expertise and specialists needed to speed outcomes at each stage of your Devo journey. Whether it’s migrating data, integrating custom data sources, developing Devo applications to meet specific business needs, or providing an extra set of expert hands to get you going, we have you covered.

Professional Services offerings include:

Devo Quick Start

Get up and running quickly with our Quick Start service, a packaged offering including training and Professional Services to have Devo up and running in your environment, fast. Our Quick Start service includes an on-site workshop for up to five of your team members. Work side-by-side with a Devo expert to optimize Devo for your business.

Devo Application Development

Build business-specific workflows and integrate domain-specific expertise with Devo Applications. Our experts take industry-leading project management approaches to developing applications that meet your business requirements, keep you ahead of the competition, and accelerate your business.

Parser Development

Devo comes ready to ingest data from hundreds of data sources. We make is easy to integrate custom data sources specific to your business into Devo. Our experts work with you to understand new data sources, build the required parsers, and ensure data is not only ingested, but also that every important aspect of the data is available for analysis in Devo.

Data Migration Services

Migrating machine data correctly requires rigor and experience. Migrate gigabytes, terabytes or petabytes – we have the process and expertise to migrate all types of data into Devo. Let our data migration experts make the experience smooth and seamless for you and your team to ensure you can take full advantage of having a single, unified platform for all your machine data – quickly.

Custom Services

Devo also offers expert consulting to help you further leverage your data with advanced analytics and machine learning via our data science services. Custom project-based ML and data science services, billed on a time and materials basis, are available to meet your business requirements.


Included with your Devo license is full 24x7x365 customer support, with rapid guaranteed response times. Devo Customer Support uses dedicated teams to provide proactive monitoring and alerting, as well as traditional support. Devo uses a four-level escalation model with dedicated customer success teams at each level to ensure identified issues get the right level of technical expertise and attention.

Devo response time SLAs are based on severity levels.

Severity Levels Initial Response Max Target Time to Resolution Contact Frequency
Critical 2 Hours 12 Hours 1 Hour
Major 4 Hours 24 Hours 4 Hours
Minor 1 Business Day Future Release 1 Week


Devo training gets you up and running quickly and ensures you get the most benefit for your business from Devo. We offer learning paths and training delivery models designed to meet the specific needs of different users in your organization. The curriculum includes introductory and advanced user training, as well as training specifically for administrators.

Devo offers learning paths for end users, advanced users, and administrators.

Course Descriptions

End User
This 8-hour boot camp is recommended for all new Devo users. The course introduces the basics of the system architecture and the web application features. Learners get hands-on with queries – applying operations, enriching their data and creating visualizations. Dashboards and alerting are covered in-depth so users leave the course equipped with the knowledge to query, analyze, and monitor their company’s data using Devo.

Advanced User
This 4-hour course builds upon the End User training to give advanced Devo users the skills to use advanced features like query scripts, the Devo API, and OData feeds. The course goes deeper with queries, showing users how to perform advanced data operations, form table unions, and create new data tables. Finally, users learn to create and use panels for advanced monitoring of internal systems and processes.

Platform Administrator
This 8-hour course builds upon the End User introduction and is designed for those specialists who will be responsible for managing the company’s Devo platform and use of the web application. The course begins with a review of the architecture, then explains the deployment tasks related to sending data to the Devo platform. Learners are shown how to control access to Web application features through the management of users and roles, as well as limiting access to data by creating custom finders. This course also covers the use of the Devo API and the creation and use of OData feeds.

Delivery Models

Virtual instructor-led open group class
Learners from different companies attend a live, online training course.

Virtual instructor-led private group class
Learners from a single company attend a live, online training course.

Instructor-led onsite private group class
Learners from a single company attend an on-site training course.

Instructor-led group classes at Devo offices
Learners from a single company attend a training course at a Devo office.

Devo Technical Certifications

Devo users can now become Devo Certified by enrolling in a training course and passing an exam designed to test proficiency in using the Devo Data Analytics Platform. This certification will allow users to display their mastery of a leading-edge data analytics solution and identify as an adopter of innovative new technologies. By becoming Devo Certified, users will prove their skills using their organization’s Devo deployment and be ready to accelerate their business by making better, data-driven decisions.


End-User (Devo Platform User)
This training course provides a strong foundation for getting started with Devo. We will show the different menus and components of our user interface. You will internalize the benefits of Devo and the elemental concepts to understand our velocity, scalability, and versatility. Learn the basics for how to search, analyze and parse events and metrics that are important to your organization. We will guide you through running searches, manual parsing and basic analytics on your data. You will discover how to enrich your data with the help of “lookup” files. Learn how to convert your query results to charts to help you visualize trends and easily identify anomalies. Ultimately, learn how Alerts can help you stay informed of any situation to act proactively of critical events or metrics thresholds exceeded.

Advanced-User (Devo Data Analyst)
This Devo training course deep-dives into every aspect of analyzing your data. Learn our LINQ query language and its best practices for queries creation. The course walks viewers through data searching, filtering, enriching, groupings, aggregations, and advanced analytics. Learn how to make data re-injections, create union tables or graphical correlations. Besides, we will show you the details to create Activeboards. We will teach you to generate your own real-time or aggregations-based charts. From geolocation maps or time series visualizations to dynamic tables, Voronoi tree-maps, and many more. Finally, learn how to gather data through our API or to export your data feed using the OData protocol.

Platform-Administrator (Devo Domain Administrator)
This training course aims to equip attendees with the skills necessary to administer and manage any Devo domain. Learn how to create, clone or modify roles. Discover how to adjust the role’s set of permissions to control the specific actions certain users can perform. Supervise the applications, Dashboards, Activeboards, Panels, or Alerts that the roles can view/manage in the domain. We will teach you how to restrict access to data tables based on roles. Discover the methods of sending events to Devo. Set up your data collection according to your organization’s data sources. You will learn about our Relay and its configuration based on rules. Manage domain credentials and learn where and how they are used. To finish, we will check the performance and data collection with the help of charts and tables.

After completion, users receive a certificate of achievement and a Devo Certified badge to use on social media or email signatures.

Ready to take the next step in improving your organization’s competitive advantage? If you already have an account for the Devo Education portal, log in to If you’re new to the Devo training program, contact [email protected] to get started.