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The SANS 2023 Threat Hunting Survey Webinar

This year’s SANS Threat Hunting Survey found that threat hunting resourcing is an “ever-growing staffing nightmare.” 73% of the 2023 respondents claimed that finding skilled staff is one of organizations’ most significant challenges. This is a 7% increase over 2022 and a whopping 43% increase over 2021. 

Watch this webinar to hear: 

  • The results of the 2023 SANS Threat Hunting Survey
  • How SANS survey authors Mathias Fuchs and Josh Lemon analyzed data from organizations worldwide on how they conducted threat hunting 
  • Corelight’s perspective on addressing the challenges faced in the threat-hunting survey 
  • How Devo is getting better, faster, and more robust in threat hunting and security practices overall  
  • Audience questions answered by the panelists

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