The SANS 2023 Threat Hunting Survey

The SANS 2023 Threat Hunting Survey

According to this year’s SANS Threat Hunting Survey, threat hunting resourcing is an “ever-growing staffing nightmare.” In fact, 73% of this year’s respondents claimed that one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is finding skilled staff. This is a 7% increase over 2022, and a whopping 43% increase over 2021. 

This talent drought is compounded by the following factors:

  • All eyes are on the hunters with 78% of senior leadership aware of or directly engaged in threat hunting.
  • The use of “homegrown tools” increased this year. While powerful, these tools are typically maintained by a small group of people, reducing development costs, but increasing the need for human resources to manage it.

The bottom line: The hunters need help. In 2023, threat hunting success comes from an organization’s ability to: develop concrete methodologies, upskill and augment junior analysts, and adopt technologies that will support existing teams while filling in ever-increasing talent gaps. Download the SANS Survey to learn more about the current threat hunting landscape and discover ways to facilitate the critical work threat hunters are doing to protect enterprises.

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