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Unveil the Secrets to Migraine-Free Migration with Devo and OU

Struggling with scattered logs, scaling on-premises infrastructure, or compliance issues? So was James Cassidy, an Intermediate Security Analyst at the University of Oklahoma before they migrated to Devo.

James dives into their old campus-centric model in this customer story, candidly discussing pitfalls and challenges. Discover how change became necessary due to scalability issues, lack of centralized search capabilities, and regulatory requirements.

See how Devo, a cloud-native SaaS SIEM solution, emerged on top after an exhaustive RFP process. James narrates the transformational story of increased accessibility, improved scalability, cutting-edge analytics, and a shift from administration to analysis.

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After migrating to Devo, the University of Oklahoma saw:



reduction in time spent on routine investigations




savings in reducing tech stack



minutes to onboard new data



days to migration

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