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The Economics of Transforming Your SOC

An often overlooked component in the recent data explosion: Security logs. Simple endpoint network data coming into your SOC isn’t enough; it doesn’t give you the visibility you need to find the needle in the haystack. Combine this with attack surfaces expanding, the talent shortage, ballooning regulatory requirements, budgets, and the question arises: are you getting value for all this money you’re spending on logging analytics?

In this on-demand webcast from Adam Foit, Manager of Technical Marketing at Devo, Kayla Williams, Devo’s CISO, and Grace Trinidad, Research Director, Future of Trust at IDC, you’ll discover why the idea of an autonomous SOC is gaining traction in the security industry. Topics discussed include:

  • What defines an autonomous SOC?
  • What advantages can an autonomous SOC bring to organizations and teams?
  • What challenges you can expect when transforming your SOC and how to address them
  • IDC’s predictions for the SOC market
  • Best practices for a successful autonomous SOC initiative from Devo and IDC

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