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Harnessing the Power of Machine Data

The instrumented enterprise needs a unified view of all machine data without falling into the growing value gap caused by exponential data growth and the inability to extract value from that data. Download this eBook to learn how teams are putting more of their machine data to work with Devo.

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Unlocking the value of machine data

Read how Devo customers are making the most of their machine data:

Bringing Security Operations In-House

An investment bank with a small security operations team ingesting just under a terabyte of machine data per day had been using an MSSP to help manage its environment from a security detection and remediation perspective. Yet, due to the security savvy of the CISO and team, they knew the MSSP would be unable to fully grasp the data and its importance to the business.

Moving Critical Applications to the Cloud

One of the world’s largest telcos ― and a Big 4 in the U.S. ― is in the midst of an IT shift from a CapEx to an OpEx model. The telecom is working with Devo to optimize its infrastructure for a digital world. The company needed to shift more than three thousand applications to the cloud in less than two years, while also tackling cultural changes within the organization necessitated by the structural overhaul.

Gaining Visibility Across All Data

As one of the largest retailers of athletic gear in the world, this customer not only generates terabytes of data each day, it struggled to centralize its data and gain visibility across the enterprise when working with a Devo competitor who was unable to provide full data visibility within cost constraints.

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.