The Definitive Guide to AI and Automation Powered Detection and Response

Why Your Next SOC Assistants Are Bots (and Your Networks Will Be More Secure Than Ever)

Most Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are simply overwhelmed: Too much data, too many alerts and a constantly evolving threat landscape. Today’s security professionals need help. Imagine you could hire three, five or 10 assistants for every one of your security analysts and engineers. Even better, what if these assistants progressively learn and can be fully customized to teach to perform tasks 10, 100 or even 1,000 times faster than people can and run 24/7?

With AI and automation, you can learn how you can level up your ability to perform triage, threat hunting, and incident response — more efficiently, cost-effectively, and consistently. Free up your security team to focus on the high-level work only they can do; the stuff that’s difficult or impossible to automate or requires a deep, human understanding of the domain and the enterprise. Then let the bots do the rest.

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