Customer Success Story

Case Study for a Major Airline

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The small security operations team for a major national airline was stretched thin and suffering from alert fatigue trying to keep up with cyberthreats. While they had a robust security stack, and consolidated events in their SIEM, the alerts lacked important context, resulting in time-consuming manual follow-up.

Learn how Devo SOAR helped the team consolidate alerts more efficiently and automate incident response.

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Quick Facts


  • Airline


  • North America


  • Small in-house security team
  • MSSPs too expensive, provided little value
  • SIEM alerts lacked context
  • Too much time spent on handling alerts and false positives


  • One of the top 20 largest airlines globally
  • Multi award-winning airline
  • 85 years of operation and a fleet of more than 400 aircraft
  • Serving more than 220 destinations on six continents
  • Carrying more than 50 million passengers a year


  • Initial use case running in under two weeks, immediately reducing false positive rate by 75%
  • Devo SOAR triages all L1/L2 alerts, saving over 40 hours per week (1 FTE)
  • Dramatic improvement in accuracy and faster response time (MTTR)
  • Replaced legacy MSSP, with significant cost savings
  • Rapid incident response with one-click automation

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