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Resources and documentation on the Devo Platform.
The Shift is On

You need to have full visibility of your security data to improve the SOC productivity. Download the ebook to learn more about centralized cloud logging solutions.

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Building the Modern SOC

Discover the four evolutionary steps for creating a highly automated and efficient SOC that empowers analysts.

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A Buyer’s Guide for Centralized Log Management

This guide will provide you with the knowledge of deployment types, architecture, and pricing model of ELK, Splunk and Devo.

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2020 Devo SOC Performance Report™

Learn how integrated investments in people, process, and technology separate high- and low- performing teams in the 2020 Devo SOC Performance Report™.

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Log Management is Dead, Long Live Log Management

Today, enterprise log management (ELM) solutions must contend with cloud and multi-cloud architectures, massively larger data streams, automation as a workload, and more and different …

Log Management is Dead, Long Live Log Management Read More »

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Harnessing the Power of Machine Data

The instrumented enterprise needs to gain a unified view of all machine data, without falling into the growing value gap caused by exponential data growth. See how firms are using Devo to turn logs and metrics into business value at scale.

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Technical Platform Overview

Dive into the Devo Platform architecture that enables Devo to achieve performance numbers unmatched in the industry.

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ELK Stack Comparison

Open Source industry analyst Dan Kusnetzky explores the tradeoffs between the open source ELK stack and the Devo Data Operations Platform.

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Operational Data: A Roadmap to Value Creation

Data growth is running at close to seven exabytes per day; estimates are that in three to five years’ time, growth will be closer to …

Operational Data: A Roadmap to Value Creation Read More »

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The Devo Approach to Data Operations

Explore how a Data Operations Platform helps Fortune 1000 enterprises drive sustained performance and growth.

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