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Resources and documentation on the Devo Platform.
Achieving Security Visibility in the Era of Cloud Shift

Watch the video series to learn how to leverage cloud shift to realign cybersecurity and the business, and the changing requirementd of a modern SOC.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations and How Can It Help Organizations

Watch the video series to hear from four key questions of artificial intelligence for IT operations, and the value Devo can provide.

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Running Investigations in Security Operations

Devo Security Operations arms the analyst with a solution that gives them total visibility into security incidents. The net effect is that adversaries are quickly rooted out and analysts become significantly more effective as they work on only the data that matters.

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Threat Hunting Workbench

Threat hunting is an essential component of any defense strategy and with Devo Security Operations, threat hunting is easily accomplished. The threat hunting module in Security Operations enables analysts to quickly find evidence of adversaries within their network.

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Alert Triage and Prioritization

Devo Security Operations improves SOC operations, from identification to response, by allowing analysts to gain complete visibility, reduce the noise, and focus on the threats that matter most. Instead of simply prioritizing alerts, Security Operations prioritizes what the analysts should investigate

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Devo-Demisto Integration Video

See how you can increase visibility and shorten investigation and incident response times by bringing together real-time, context rich security insights with task orchestration and automation.

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Devo Video Tutorials

Looking to get started with Devo? Watch our tutorials on

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Devo for The Modern SOC

Devo helps transform all of your machine data into actionable threat insight.

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Free Yourself From Data Management

Spend less time managing data, and more time delivering value to the business.

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Speed and Scale with No Compromises

Learn how the Devo Data Node delivers speed and scale.

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