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Threat Hunting Reimagined, On-Demand Webinar
Webinar  |  October 15, 2019  |  On-Demand Webinar

Threat hunting is a challenging, complex and time consuming exploratory activity. Threat hunters must explore, prioritize & investigate threats, gather data with context, connect disparate pieces of data, and conduct rapid and relevant analysis. Unfortunately today's tools get in the way and prevent the analyst from doing what they do best - hunt threats. Join our webinar and see firsthand how threat hunting teams can realize their full potential.

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IT Forum X
Trade Show  |  October 16, 2019  |  Sao Paulo, BR

Devo is a Connect sponsor at IT Forum X in Sao Paulo.

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Devo & Fuel Cyber Tour | Nashville
Regional Event  |  October 17, 2019  |  Nashville, TN

Devo is hitting the road with Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Groups to engage the security community on the trends, challenges, and direction of the modern SOC.

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Trade Show  |  October 22, 2019  |  León, Spain

In a context of increasing interrelation among all the actors in the system, the commitment to cybersecurity constitutes an opportunity for the development of a specialized, mature and increasingly international industry. Under the slogan “Cybersecurity in the connected industry: from threat to opportunity”, the attendees at 13ENISE will find a space for cybersecurity expert debate and generation of business opportunities.

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Devo & Fuel Cyber Tour | Minneapolis
Regional Event  |  October 23, 2019  |  University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN

Devo is hitting the road with Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Groups to engage the security community on the trends, challenges, and direction of the modern SOC.

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Don't "MISP Out" on Valuable Threat Insight
Webinar  |  October 31, 2019  |  GoToWebinar

Does your cybersecurity program include MISP? Because it should. SOC teams must constantly consume and analyze cyber threat intelligence to gain a better understanding of extant threats. However, there are varying levels of integration difficulty and challenges to operationalizing threat data. MISP offers a flexible structure for threat intelligence sharing at a global scale, and with Devo as the data engine, MISP provides improved visibility into IOCs for faster detection and response. Join us to find out why – and how – to make MISP a core element of your cybersecurity program.

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Ignite ’19 Europe
Trade Show  |  November 13, 2019  |  Barcelona, Spain

Join us at Ignite ’19 Europe cybersecurity conference in Barcelona and be prepared to get your hands on the most advanced security technology and see firsthand what it can do for you.

Big Things | Data & AI Conference
Trade Show  |  November 20, 2019  |  Madrid, Spain

After 7 editions of Big Data Spain, the world has evolved and this event is not just about Big Data. It’s AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain... It’s technical and business. It's innovation, it's disruption... It's the next big thing.

Beyond detection: An Exploration of Key Pillars of the Next-gen SIEM
Webinar  |  November 21, 2019  |  GoToWebinar

The SOC is encumbered with many challenges from false positive alerts to slow, complex investigations. Overcoming these challenges requires a new, comprehensive approach to people, process, and technology within the SOC one that enables your team to capitalize on data, harness expert knowledge, and speed response times. Find out how you can bring together leading capabilities across the SOC with a next-gen cloud SIEM solution built on a scalable data analytics platform.

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AWS re:Invent
Trade Show  |  December 02, 2019  |  Las Vegas, NV

AWS re:Invent is the largest global cloud computing conference, held Dec. 2–6 in Las Vegas. The Expo at the Venetian will host the AWS Village, developer lounge, sponsor booths, content theater, partner theaters, builders fair, and other lounges.

Black Hat Europe
Trade Show  |  December 02, 2019  |  London, UK

Black Hat Europe provides attendees with the latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry come together for a total of four days—two or four days of deeply technical hands-on Trainings, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures in the Briefings, and more.