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Devo + intiGrow Details

intiGrow’s philosophy is based on providing high-value services at a reasonable cost plateau utilizing our Execute and Elevate (ExE) methodology.

Our delivery framework provides a balance between on-shore, off-shore, near-shore, or required hybrid model to ensure the success of our client’s project and managed services critical business operations.

intiGrow also performs strategic engagements to enable global organizations to take full advantage of the value of Devo’s Data Analytics and SOC Operations platforms as well as to optimize advanced SIEM capabilities and Big Data strategies. We pride ourselves on working with value-added, strategic partners like Devo to maximize client effectiveness and to optimize operational success.

What does intiGrow do?

intiGrow is a global Security, Compliance and Risk Mgt. focused strategy, integration, and managed services company. We are a strategic integrator for many world-class organizations like PWC, Mastercard, Visa, Fidelity, Honda, Home Depot, AT&T, KPMG, Deloitte, various US state governments, and scores of others on a global basis.

What products/services does intiGrow offer?

intiGrow’s breadth of expertise and technical depth covers a variety of security areas including:
Identity and Access Management, Application Security, Cloud Security, Forensics, Infrastructure Security, Perimeter Security, Telecom and VOIP Security, IoT risk avoidance, Web Data Security, many compliance requirements, and various other areas.

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