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Devo + AWS = Agile Cloud-native Data Analytics

Devo was born in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, and our partnership with AWS enables us to  empower security and operations teams to accelerate cloud shift by revolutionizing the speed, scale, and economic fundamentals of machine data analytics. Devo has been in the AWS Partner Network since 2017 and we are proud to be an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

Devo is not only built on AWS, but we also provide our customers with analytics for their AWS workloads through the collection and analysis of CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and VPC Flow logs.


With the Devo Analytics platform, you can manage every aspect of your security requirements. Use our powerful query, correlation and reporting tool, create dashboards to stay informed in real-time about the security of your most important information and systems, monitor your systems and users’ activity, and more.

Devo has libraries for attack detection (on infrastructure, system, webservers and applicator servers); user and/or system activities tracking; behavioral analytics, which alerts you to any change in the system’s/ user behavior; and system monitoring.

Additionally, users can define custom alerts based on the searches they’re generating within the application; these alerts can be of two kinds:

• Alerts that are generated for each detected event
• Alerts that are generated when a given number of events occur during a given period of time.

All alerts are delivered in real-time (when triggered) via your chosen mechanism (email, SMS, Jira, Service Desk, Pushover, PagerDuty, Devo’s mobile application and/or Devo’s web application). You can also set delivery policies, such as defining a user or group of users that will receive an alert or group of alerts, or set a specific time when you wish an alert to be delivered (or times when you don’t want to receive alerts), and set repetition periods for alerts etc.

In addition to proactive detection and alerting of security issues, Devo helps you to identify the source and cause of security issues while also providing an external location for your system to safely store its information.


Rapid data growth is putting increasing pressure on telecommunications company’s infrastructure and business units. It’s not just the growing volume of data: it’s the growing number of business users who expect answers and insight from that data quickly, and who expect those insights to be easily accessible – without a data science background or familiarity with special query languages.

The Devo Analytics Platform provides an application layer where telecommunications organizations can build use case-specific work flows, analytics, machine learning models, and reports that monitor, correlate, analyze, alert and provide immediate visibility into the performance and behavior of their digital operations. In addition to providing top-down, analytic results necessary to make fast decisions, the platform also enables telco users to run ad-hoc queries on data as it streams into the system.

Devo allows telecommunications companies to gain complete visibility into every mobile and fixed line service and to gain a holistic view of every service its customers are using, and their experience, usage and behavior within those services.

Telefónica has transformed their customer service operations with Devo, bringing increased customer satisfaction at a significantly lower cost.


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