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Support, training & technical certifications

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We offer 24/7/365 support with every Devo license. Devo customer support uses a four-level escalation model with dedicated customer success teams to guarantee a rapid response. We provide proactive monitoring and alerting, as well as traditional support.

Guaranteed response times

Severity Levels Initial Response Max Target Time to Resolution Contact Frequency
Critical 2 hours 12 hours 1 hour
Major 4 hours 24 hours 4 hours
Minor 1 business day Future release 1 week

Training by Devo

Our training gets you up and running quickly and ensures you get the most benefit for your business. Devo offers learning paths and training delivery models designed to meet the specific needs of different users in your organization. We provide introductory and advanced user training, as well as training specifically for administrators.

Delivery Models

Virtual instructor-led open group class
Learners from different companies attend a live, online training course.

Virtual instructor-led private group class
Learners from a single company attend a live, online training course.

Instructor-led onsite private group class
Learners from a single company attend an on-site training course.

Instructor-led group classes at Devo offices
Learners from a single company attend a training course at a Devo office.

Course descriptions

Devo Security Operations is a purpose-built, context-rich application framework that automates security expertise, speeds investigation and triage, reduces required resources and magnifies response capability.

The application uses different types of sources to detect and manage security threats. For instance, events from firewalls, IDS or proxies as in any Devo domain. Within this training we will cover all necessary topics to be familiar with SecOps such as, Triage, Investigations, Threat Hunting, Alerting, and even learn use cases.

Start your Devo experience off the right way. The course introduces the basics of the system architecture and web application features. Learners begin to understand tags and data tables, finder. Receive hands-on guidance with queries — applying operations, Lookups and file management. Alerts are also covered in-depth so users leave the course equipped with the knowledge to query, analyze and monitor their company’s data using Devo.

This 4-hour course builds upon the end-user training to give Devo users the skills to use advanced features such as query scripts, the Devo API, and OData feeds. The course goes deeper with queries, showing users how to perform advanced data operations, form table unions and create new data tables. Finally, users learn to create and use panels for advanced monitoring of internal systems and processes.

This 8-hour course builds upon the end-user training, and it is designed for specialists who will be responsible for managing the organization’s Devo Platform and web application. The course begins with a review of the architecture, then explains the deployment tasks related to sending data to the Devo Platform. Learners are shown how to control access to web application features through the management of users and roles, as well as limiting access to data by creating custom finders. This course also covers the use of the Devo API and the creation and use of OData feeds.

Flow is the Devo Platform’s very own correlation engine; a step forward in our stream processing and analysis capabilities. With Flow, we can enhance cyber security efforts by integrating alert systems to prevent and alert security breaches. Flow automates data processing in real-time and speeds up investigation by defining complex workflows as soon as data arrives on the platform. Use Flow to understand relationships and to aggregate, normalize, analyze and enrich event log data.

Devo technical certifications

Users can become Devo Certified by enrolling in a training course and passing an exam designed to test proficiency in using the Devo Platform. This certification allows users to display their mastery of a leading-edge data analytics solution and identify as an adopter of innovative new technologies. By becoming Devo Certified, users are ready to accelerate their business by making better, data-driven decisions.

After completion, users receive a certificate of achievement and a Devo Certified badge to use on social media or in an email signature.

Ready to get started? If you already have an account for the Devo Education portal, log in to If you’re new to the Devo training program, contact [email protected] to get started.

Self-paced online courses

Devo Foundations is a fundamental training course, intended for professionals focused on using the Devo platform in their day by day. This training course covers the basics to learn the Devo Platform. You will learn how you can extract the most value of your data using Devo, and also to detect anomalies, monitor elements, identify trends, or present results.

A complete training course to start using Devo Activeboards. This training course covers the basics to learn the Devo Platform. You will learn how you can extract the most value of your data using Devo, and also to detect anomalies, monitor elements, identify trends, or present results Self-paced. It contains training videos, interactive lessons, and practice exercises. Access to the official Devo Certified User Platform exam.

*This course is intended to be taken after Devo Foundations course.

Devo Security Operations is the first cloud-native, next-gen SIEM that combines superior workflow, context and integrations in a single solution. Its powerful capabilities-intelligent context, an analyst workflow and seamless integrations-enable SOC analysts to work more productively and effectively by focusing on the threats that matter most to the organization.

Get started with the Devo Relay. Learn the basic of this software application whose main functions are: Receive inbound events from data sources (push sources), Apply processing rules and tagging to the events, Forward them to a Devo deployment over a secure channel using SSL/TLS encryption.

The Devo Endpoint Agent is a multi-platform and multi-purpose endpoint monitoring solution that allows Devo customers to gather a variety of datasets sitting in their infrastructure and efficiently process them. Learn how to deploy it!

Flow is used to allow customers to take their data one step further, and process events as they arrive at Devo. With Flow, you can perform real-time calculations as events arrive from different sources, and even before these events are stored.

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.